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Nathan & Jennifer Brooks

Alma, Arkansas

"Lets me set my bow down wherever I want to set it. I dont worry about my cams and string getting damaged anymore."

IBO World Champion 2016 & 2004
IBO Triple Crown Team Champion - 4 times
IBO Triple Crown Tournament Winner 5 times
ASA Classic Champion 2016
ASA Pro Am Champion 9 times
ASA Spring Shooter of the Year 2013
NFAA Shooter of the Year 2004
NFAA Indoor National Champion 2004 & 2005
ASA Rookie of the Year 1999
APA Rookie of the Year 1999
19 years Shooting Professionally

Shawn Czuppa

Cedarburg, WI

I have been shooting for HeDog for two years and I couldn't be more pleased with the product and the staff that stands behind it. I have cam protectors on my hunting bow and target bow because they do what there suppose to do without effecting the shot. 

Mike Takovich

Host of Antler Assassins TV

 The Hedog Cam Protector Gives Me Peace Of Mind that When I Set My Bow Down On A Spot & Stalk Hunt Or Accidentally Drop It Cam Side Down That My cams Will Never Have An Issue. Because They are CamProtected with The Cam Protector! Myself And My Crew Use Them In The Mountains All the Away To The Home Backwoods Of Michigan. While We Venture Promoting Ethical & Legal Fair Chase Bowhunting via Television & DVD.  

Sean Martin

Newville, Pennsylvania

I wouldn't go on any bow adventure, whether it be a 3d shoot or a hunt, without having a cam protector on my bow. An innovative simple design that works- trust Hedog

Scott Farris

Bartonville, Illinois

Hunted hard for 4 years to get this big buck on the ground. I don't know how many times I asked myself "why are you sitting in a deer stand freezing your butt off over a deer". Because I love it, I love being in the woods chasing white tails its who I am. The cam protector helps me do that as well. No more worries about dinging my cam or getting dirt in it. 

Mel Pope

South Coast, United Kingdom

My name is Mel I live in the UK on the south coast. I never leave my bow at home and above all fell proud to have the Cam Protector on my bow, if I am at a competition or practicing I never need to worry about my Cam as I know it's 100% protected.

Josh Higgins

Rosemount, OH

 The Cam protector is one of the best accessories a archery shooter could buy for his bow don't have to worry about dirt mud or anything getting in the cam also helps to balance your bow when you use your kickstand. Most amazing invention by Nate Law..

John Phillips

Mohnton, Pennsylvania

Probably the best thing on all my bows keeps cams clean

Ashlyn Porter

Taylors, SC

We all know that kids can be rough on bows, with the cam protector I don't have to worry when Ashlyn sits her bow done whether in the woods or the range I don't have to worry about her cam. -Keith Porter

Hanne Christensen

Svebolle, Denmark

 🇩🇰 I’ve been shooting Compound bow for 5 years now and the best ever accessories I’ve bought is the amazing cam protecter from HeDog Archery it really is a hit when shooting 3D in muddy Denmark

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