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Find Answers to Recurring Questions


Q.  Does the Cam Protector cause speed loss?

A.  No, extensive chronograph testing has shown the cam protector does not cause significant speed loss.  Speed changes have varied from -2 fps to a gain of +2 fps.

Q.  Does the Cam Protector affect accuracy?

A.  With a sight in check after installing the cam protector your accuracy will remain the same.  The Cam Protector is Pro Approved and is installed on many tournament and hunting bows alike.

Q.  Does the Cam Protector cause vibration in my bow?

A.  No, in fact by using our own dampening washers and blend of vibration dampening materials during the injection process, the cam protector can help tame existing limb vibration by acting as a dampener.

Q.  Is the Cam Protector made in the USA?

A.  Yes, the Cam Protector is proudly made in America and we at HEDOG ARCHERY are proud to support and provide American jobs.

Q.  How much does the Cam Protector weigh?

A.  Undoubtably one of the lightest non-optional accessories for your bow, the Cam Protector comes in at a mere 2.2 oz.

Q.  Is the Cam Protector Chuck Norris approved?

A.  Yes, it is one bad Mamma Jamma.  The only...Bow Rest, Vibration Minimizer, Made from the Strongest Material on Earth, Installed in Minutes, Lifelong Use, Field Tested, Chuck Norris Approved, Boot for your Bow.  We have NO IDEA how you have Survived this long without it!

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